Jaylyn Robotham to join an innovative and new data and communication platform

Jaylyn Robotham

Jaylyn Robotham, driver in the Toyota 86 Series as well as the TA2 Asia Series has joined forces as an ambassador for a newly developed cloud-based platform, Pitbox.

Pitbox was founded and created by Oliver Heycoop and Con Mouzouris in  2019 with the aim of developing a single cloud-based platform to capture, store, analyse and solve the science behind motor racing; in hope of becoming the number one data and communication tool for drivers, mechanics, engineers, teams as well as coaches.

“Jay is the perfect candidate to show why Pitbox is critical to a drivers success – he is racing with different teams, in different cars on different continents, and with Pitbox there is now a tool at his disposal to help manage his data collection and communication across different teams. Pitbox is delighted to be represented by Jay Robotham, who certainly has a long and successful career ahead of him,” admits Heycoop.

Robotham was approached by Pitbox to become an ambassador and the 16-year old was quickly interested and impressed with the newly founded cloud-based program.

“As a driver, collating our data is so important. Travelling to different tracks, racing different
cars and also changing teams; it’s so hard to keep on top of our data – especially from previous events. By having this cloud-based platform, where we can easily store all of our information that is accessible to our engineers and team owners, I believe this is the future for communication in Motorsport,” admits the young teen.

“I’m really excited to see this program unfold and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

For more information on Pitbox visit, https://pitbox.io


Jaylyn Robotham

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