Jaylyn Robotham – TA2 Bangsaen Preview

I’m really looking forward to getting back into my Tecpro Idemitsu Mustang this weekend for round 3 of the TA2 Asia Series where we will be taking on Bangsaen Circuit!

I’ll be teaming up with Paul Manuell again for this round. We both gelled really well at the previous round and we were really competitive, so I’m hoping we can back up those results. We’re hoping to stay inside the top three for both races again and continue where we left off!

Bangsaen is a new street circuit, so I’m looking forward to the challenge of throwing the Mustang around the streets – it sure will be interesting! This circuit looks very tight and it’s right along the beach, so I think the overall event will be awesome. I’d say quite similar to Newcastle!

The warmer weather and the humidity is always something I have to adapt to when racing over in Thailand. Luckily though, we do run cool suits, which makes it a lot more comfortable in the car. The air duct that plugs into the top of our helmet is also helpful – so it’s not too bad!

The format for this weekend will be very similar to the first two rounds; except we will have a 20min shorter race, so the races will go for 40mins. Paul will do the first qualifying session, which will decide where we start for race one. During the race, around the half way mark I will jump in and do the remainder of the race. Vice versa for the second qualifying, where I will qualify and start the second race and Paul will then take over and finish off the race.

I’m currently 6th in the Championship standings. I’d obviously love to be higher, but not everything falls into place and it comes down to a lot of things that aren’t in my control. Hopefully we can have a successful weekend this round and bag some more points!

You can watch all the action via livestream on Thailand Super Series Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/ThailandSuperSeries/


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